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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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My first Fallout 3 playthrough, I clocked up around 95 hours of play, and that was without any of the DLC installed. My second playthrough, with all the DLC installed is still running, and at last save was about 160 hours. I still have Mothership Zeta and Operation: Anchorage to finish, plus a bunch of unmarked quests and undiscovered locations to complete.
Clocked up around 40 hours so far (Enclave just invaded) but got to do all the DLC still and I always do any side quests I find though am all out at the moment. I wish Fallout 3 had a easier system to find side quests its a little too random at times.
If you really want to lose the random factor, use the Fallout wiki site, The Vault. It's a pretty comprehensive database of everything in the Fallout games.
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