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Re: Venture Brothers

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The finale was great. I've been reading on the 'swim boards that some are thinking that this is the series finale. And if it is, it is sort of a fitting end to the show. But given the little wink-and-nod at the at end of the credits, I'm willing to bet that Season 5 is just going to be a long time a coming, but it'll get here.

Overall: I loved the resolution of the OSI and Col. Gather's arc. The prom was the "B story" to all the characters, which was good. The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch really come off as assholes; which is fine. 21, I think, had a natural and completely deserved collusion to this part of his character's life.
I didn't realize that the finale had even aired....luckily I have my DirecTV set to record the series. Finally watched it and thought it was awesome. And yeah, if the series ended here, while I would be disappointed, this would still serve as a fine series finale. Not quite as epic as I'd have wanted, but more than enough in the character department.

21's story ended fine...I'm glad they bucked the status quo and it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, is done with him should the series return.

Molotov...feels like forever since we saw here last, and really didn't care that she'd shown up again...or "died". Ditto for Monstroso.

Hunter Gather is always gold for me...was happy with his resolution.

Wasn't sure what to make of the end (not the bit after the credits)...pretty much saw it coming with the Spanish Fly part with the huge fly. Still it was a bit much, tho I just assumed they'd turn back eventually. Guess they'll get killed by the gang before that happens.

Dermot as Hanks "date". Dean totally screwing up...and growing a pair at the end when he tells Outrider to "fuck off" (or whatever, can't recall the exact wording)...that surprised me coming from Dean.

If there is a season 5, it'll be a different animal than what we're used to.
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