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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

I largely agree with your list, G3209. Of course, there are a couple exceptions.

The things I agree with most are the comments on casting, acting, visuals, music, etc. I'd probably have even more positive things to add in that department.

The things I disagree with:

The movie was supported by both Majel Barrett and Leonard Nimoy.

Didn't Nimoy not "support" Generations because his role was essentially a meaningless cameo and not important? And when did Majel ever refuse to do Star Trek?

Affectionate use of old Star Trek clichés

Personally, I find that a bit corny. I think the worst offender for this is the Terminator movies.

Abandonment of tired Star Trek clichés

Eh, some of these still existed that you listed. Sure, they weren't the only ship, but essentially they were since the others were purely just fodder. Basically writers of Star Trek are always going to shoehorn things to work just how they want it, not in a way that's going to be realistic, and that will involve them resorting to cliches in one way or another.

I also don't remember the last movie that used technobabble. Certainly nothing more than this movie.

And the transporter was sort of overused, especially with Scotty's little deus ex machina.

Genuinely funny

I agree with this, except I thought First Contact had some good lines. A bit more dry instead of fun, but it seemed appropriate to the atmosphere of the movie.

Characters listen to music which isn't Classical or Jazz

What about Zefram Cochrane?

I was always more interested in some of the alien music for similar reasons. The music in the bar on Qualor II or other various alien music was nice because of this.

I can understand why they portray humans as liking music that has stood the test of time though. It just comes across as less dated. It's hard to imagine it now, but maybe stuff like the Beastie Boys will seem more dated in another generation. It's kind of hard to imagine "Sabotage" being popular at all in a couple hundred years.

The time travel wasn’t under anyone’s control it happened by accident!

I always preferred the stories that went this way as well, but I don't think that every instance of intentional time travel was bad. They were only bad when given very little thought, like Generations.

The way I see the time travel in this movie is that it was all an attempt to try and bridge some gap between the Star Trek we all knew, and the newer Trek. I didn't feel like they needed that, and would have been fine with a full reboot. That would have alleviated them from trying to make huge leaps of logic to try and make things work. It forced them to resort to gimmicks.

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