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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

My husband decided to drop our discs down to 2 at a time for him and 1 at a time for me. We have the bluray plans and Instant Watch on the Roku as well.

While I understand that Netflix would need to raise prices- higher fees and rights, overhead, and whatnot- I'm surprised they did it. Do you want a less number of people paying more or do you want to keep your prices low and have more subscribers? With the success they were having, I would think they might run some sort of serious new sign up discount special to grab even more subscribers.

I like netflix a lot. Beats the old video store anyway, and you did get a lot for your money-especially if you are a household that uses streaming, multiple lists for each family member, and have a blu-ray player. If you're one person with no streaming or bd access, and everything you want is always on wait or unavailable then netflix isn't good for you. I often find I like obscure things that are often on wait or end up in my saved list, but if anything between both our queues and instant watch, somethings I have more shows then I know what to do with!
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