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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

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I do not know what people hate so much about X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE. It was a fun action movie, with... ..a good plot
You're shitting me. It probably had the worst plot of any movie I've ever seen (and I saw Trek XI).
No, not really.
What was so wrong with the plot btw? I think it had good twists and turning points (I never though Kayla would return, and that everything was a setup for example), and Victor helping Logan was also extremely unexpected. If a movie is able to surprise me (that's my definition) it already is beyond average. Add good acting, great cinematography, memorable scenes and a superb score to it (of course all IMO, but movies are so subjective) and it's a good movie for me.
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Talking of horrible films: Mummy 3, Clash of the Titans... now those were perdictible, boring pieces of trash (again IMO).

Usually I am not the mainstream person. I prefere independent films (The German film "Die Fremde" is a masterpiece for example), but the X-films got me hooked.

I can fully understand that fans of the comics have their issues with the films, but then again, if the films were made to please the core fans, they would never reach a wider audience.
Fans were nitpicking that Cyclops was not the main character in the trilogy. I can tell you from a person's point of view, who never had contact with the comics or animated shows before, that casting Wolverine as the main character gave me a possibility to link with him, and to be introduced into the universe of the X-Men with the first film.
He is a character probably everyone will be able to rely to, since he is on a quest searching for who he is, what his purpose is etc. Questions everyone will ask himself/herself in his/her life at least once. That gives me the possibility to link with him, and through him link with the X-Men in general.
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