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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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I'm on the unlimited one-at-a-time plan, and that's going up $1 per month, which isn't that bad. However, I'm annoyed that the only cheaper option I've been offered is unlimited instant viewing but no DVD rentals. I don't have the bandwidth for instant viewing to be practical, so I wish they'd offered me the reverse: a cheaper plan that's all DVD rentals and no instant viewing.
Go to the account section. Go to change membership. There's an option at the bottom.

1 DVD at a time (limit 2 rentals a month) (watch instantly up to 2 hours a month on your pc or mac--no netflix ready device or Starz) for $4.99 a month
You misunderstand my point. I'm perfectly aware of that plan; it's the one I originally had before I chose to upgrade to unlimited 1-at-a-time. My point is that they sent me a letter saying they were going to raise the price for that plan by a dollar a month, but I could get it for a dollar less if I switched to unlimited online and no DVDs. And that's of no use to me since I don't have the bandwidth for online viewing, so I'm saying that I wish the alternative they offered had been the opposite, all DVDs and no online. But I don't want to drop back down to only 2 a month.
So are you saying you'd like a 2-at-a-time or 3-at-a-time DVD plan minus the cost of Instant Netflix?

Or are you saying you just don't feel like paying the extra dollar for the plan you already have?
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