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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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As to you saying 80% of your discs were badly scratched or cracked I find that hard to believe. In my 4 years with them I've had ONE cracked disc and only 2-3 so scratched they wouldn't play well. Memento was one of them.

I too am amazed you flatly cancelled before doing research to determine if BB would be something you'd like. As noted "half a loaf" via unlimited one at a time, is better than "no loaf".
The past year 80% of my discs has been badly scratched or cracked. The first FIVE years most of the time was fine. I've had more then one cracked disc... I'd say at least 7 or 8.
That sounds like someone is tampering with your mail.
This past year-to-date I've not had one bad disc, scratched too bad to play or cracked. Not one and I go through a lot of discs. Something does sound suspect here. Do you have a roommate or someone who might want to screw with you?

With an unstable job I can see cancelling Netflix or any WANT. I've nearly stopped getting any monthly comics the last two years, instead waiting on collected editions which can then be found themselves discounted.
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