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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

Yeah, I am one of the ones who hated the movie when it first came out, but after repeated viewings thanks to DVD, I have warmed up to it. There are still things I don't like (The hand phaser designs, the Enterprise itself, Scotty (Simon Pegg ugh), uniforms looked sloppy, the insignias are lazy designed, How could anyone watch a planet on another planet see it be destroyed? (Spock watching Vulcan collapse on Delta-Vega???) the bridge was too bright and IApple looking, etc) but over all, I enjoy it. I have a feeling, the next one will be back to our more familar stories and Trek feel now that we have gotten past the origin story. You have to admit, Trek kinda needed this popcorn wow factor added to it to make it super successful. While most fans don't need all that jazz, it does entertain the causul movie goer. Even my Dad, who never liked Star Trek, liked the new movie.
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