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Deadwood on Blu-ray

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Well, there was Deadwood on HBO for three years, but judging by the ten episodes I've seen so far, it's not the kind of episodic western the OP wants to see.
Well actually this past week I watched the pilot and 2nd episode of Deadwood via Netflix. The production values are feature film level and the characters are very complex. It surely is a serial show with character and story arcs. It was very well done.
I think I'll watch more episodes here and there but not disc after disc.
It's nice to know I could watch all 3 seasons back to back via Netflix rentals if I wanted to...

Looking forward to the December cinema release of True Grit (2010) remake directed by the Coen brothers.

I should mention here that just today Deadwood complete series in HD was released on Blu-ray as a 13 disc Blu-ray set.

another review
Everything you’d find in the individual season sets have been imported to the complete series set along with the new special features available on the 2008 release.
Essentially, this is nothing more than an HD translation of what was released two years ago on standard disc.

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