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Re: JJ Abrams to make another TV show about an island

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A real one this time, with fewer smoke monsters and a lot more tourists: Alcatraz!

Doesn't sound sf/f, but it might have light genre elements.

Alcatraz is described as "a show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz."
Is it going to be a historical drama set when the prison was running, or a contemporary drama about the island as a national monument? If the latter, they'll definitely have to amp up the ghostly balderdash.

It's not a very big island and frankly my dears, it's not even very interesting. The best thing about it is the incredible views since you're right in the middle of the bay. I think they should just bulldoze those crumbling, ugly-ass buildings and turn it into a lovely park but I know they make boatloads of money from tourists so forget about that.
If it's anything like the show 'Colditz' I might be interested. However World War 2 has been done to death. Showing the same war over and over again that lots of people died in just for entertainment value is downright irritating.

If anything they should make a respectful war-time drama set during the first world war.
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