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Re: Superman: Casting Call!

I've decided to revive this thread, rather than the one about Matthew Good or start an entirely new one (I think it's time for a Superman: Casting, News, Rumours etc superthread). There's a story in the Hollywood Insider that the movie will feature aq globe-trotting Clark (which we've already heard) and will be partly set in Africa (which is news, as far as I know).

Zack Snyder’s Superman : Man of Steel will be set in Smallville, Metropolis.. and West Africa.
Though the film will feature the ‘red/blue blur’, Clark Kent will be the central focus of the story.
In the Christopher Nolan produced reboot, Kent’s “a young journalist, traveling for the globe, who would rather solve problems and help people without resorting to using his special powers.”
A character breakdown issued to casting agencies this week says that the plot involves Clark getting involved in some sort of battle between two tribes in West Africa.
“When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, Clark returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be”.
Sounds interesting. Definitely somewhat of a prequel, isn’t it? Look forward to hearing about who they cast….
… speaking of, Anne Hathaway is said to be a contender to play Lois Lane in the film. Could work, ’spose?
Filming begins June 2011 on Man of Steel.
So is Miss Hathaway just going to be linked with every superhero project going (Raimi's abortive Spider-man 4, Dark Knight Rises) or is there some truth to this? And is this movie going to be Superman Meets 24: Redemption? And could Superman beat Jack Bauer?
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