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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

Ok, so for the OP $3 is a big deal. I'll accept that at face value.
Like another said, why aren't you just dialing back?
The one at a time plan is GOING BACK to $9.99. Really that's all plans returning to what they were circa 2008. Netflix dropped their base price when Blockbuster began doing the mail away service.
With streaming, if you have that via Wii, PS or BluRay this plan is totally worth it. I bet I watch 10 movies a month via disc and streaming. That then for me is even better than the $1 RedBox cause Netflix has a selection those boxes can't compete with.

As to you saying 80% of your discs were badly scratched or cracked I find that hard to believe. In my 4 years with them I've had ONE cracked disc and only 2-3 so scratched they wouldn't play well. Memento was one of them.

I too am amazed you flatly cancelled before doing research to determine if BB would be something you'd like. As noted "half a loaf" via unlimited one at a time, is better than "no loaf".
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