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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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I also have the bandwidth issue.. even though Comcast has a 250 Gig bandwidth, watching a lot of movies through instant viewing can caugh that up quickly.
This is definitely not true. I probably average 3 hours per evening of Netflix streaming through my PS3, 3 hours a week of TV on Hulu, college football basically all Saturday on espn3, plus NFL football through "other" online sources on Sunday - in addition to my regular internet use - and I never use even more than 100 Gb a month. In August I used 68 Gb, September 73 Gb, and so far this month 61 Gb.

Of course no one likes it when prices go up, but it's an inevitable feature of any product or service. Considering that Neftlix lowered their prices a few years ago I don't think this is a travesty. Especially given that their instant view selection has increased hugely in that time.
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