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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

First I had my reservations towards the recast issue... but it worked out fine (except for Scotty and Chekov... those were horrible), the design was okay (although the new Enterprise simply looks ugly but that's a matter of taste)... but the film fell apart when they actually started the so-called story...
For me it felt like they set down decided to make some cool action scene and later connected those scenes with filler scenes... there was no coherent plot (at least in my eyes) everything was made to look 'cool' and to please the average Joe.
The class was missing, the demand was missing.
The actors did their job well, so did the SFX guys, but I would fire the producer, director and the writers and hire someone of Nolan's or Aronofsky's class to make the second installment and everything will be alright again.

It's all my personal opinion, and honestly... I envy the people who can overlook all the mistakes, plotholes etc. and enjoy this film. But then again... some of you did not like ENTERPRISE...

And it would be extremely boring if everyone would agree on everything, wouldn't it?
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