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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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I got a 3 month gift subscription for NEtflix for my bday, so hooked it up through my Xbox.

The content up here in Canada is god awful. Nothing is availiable. Are we going to be getting more content or is that more of a "changing Canadian law" kind of thing?

The one saving grace is that Red Dwarf is availiable.
It all depends on what you are looking for with the service. I have no problem finding a title that I want to watch. I have found so many TV Shows, Movies and Documentaries that keep me entertained for a long time. Even with the limited selection it is still well worth the low monthly fee. It would cost me far more per month on my cable bill to add channels that would at best, show a quarter of what I want to watch on Netflix. Even if it was up to 50% or 75% I am still saddled with the channels' schedules. The great thing about Netflix is that it is instant, and available where I want. TV, Computer, iPhone, iPad.
It's a fantastic service, I completely agree with you, and the price is right. I suppose that is why it's so frustrating not having the same content availiable as the States does - you know it can be better and at a great value too.

I do agree that it can be very frustrating almost to the point of anger, when a title is available in the US and not up here though. I just hope that the disparity between the available content will grow smaller.
Are they even working towards that though? I've found no mention of it using my google-fu.
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