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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

I'm on the unlimited 1-disc plan too, and I absolutely love it. My connection is iffy, but it still manages Netflix streaming better than any other site I stream from. (CBS/Fancast, I'm looking at you!) It will take me several years at least to watch all the stuff I have in my instant queue that I'm interested in. I would like to get two discs at a time, just so I could always have one in the house while waiting for the other, but the price difference isn't worth it to me when I can occupy myself with the instant streaming stuff between discs. I've had minor problems with disc quality, but considering the price and the speed with which I get my discs in the mail, I haven't found a reason to complain yet. I've run across a couple technical issues with streaming episodes not having the dialog track, but those have been easy to report and quickly resolved. Overall, I am enormously satisfied with Netflix.
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