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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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I did that during the summer time but I didn't like that either because 80% of the time Netflix sends a bad disc or one that's cracked. And it took them a week or more to replace it. Also in the 3-at-a-time plan, they would send the discs to me out of order from which I requested even though none of the discs said "long wait" or "short wait". I called and complained about this a number of times, they would correct it but then a few weeks later it'd be the same thing. I just didn't see paying more for a service that can't send out good quality discs, plus not even send them in the order I asked for.
That's sounds very strange. Maybe your local distributor sucks, because I've never known anybody to have such problems with Netflix. The one issue I ever had was when I was unable to connect to my Instant Queue. I called their customer service line, and the problem was fixed within 5 minutes.
I think that is the problem. Because a few years back I remember enjoying Netflix without any problems... who knows, if I see that they are worth joining again in the future, I may come back.

To the one who suggested for me to downgrade... why should I? Why should I have to pay more or less to get the same features? It doesn't make since to me. I also have the bandwidth issue.. even though Comcast has a 250 Gig bandwidth, watching a lot of movies through instant viewing can caugh that up quickly.

I wonder how much money they are going to lose over this price increase... alot of people are probably not going to be happy...
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