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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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Couldn't you just dial back to a lower service tier than 3-at-a-time? Half a loaf is better than none, surely.

I'm on the unlimited one-at-a-time plan, and that's going up $1 per month, which isn't that bad. However, I'm annoyed that the only cheaper option I've been offered is unlimited instant viewing but no DVD rentals. I don't have the bandwidth for instant viewing to be practical, so I wish they'd offered me the reverse: a cheaper plan that's all DVD rentals and no instant viewing.
I did that during the summer time but I didn't like that either because 80% of the time Netflix sends a bad disc or one that's cracked. And it took them a week or more to replace it. Also in the 3-at-a-time plan, they would send the discs to me out of order from which I requested even though none of the discs said "long wait" or "short wait". I called and complained about this a number of times, they would correct it but then a few weeks later it'd be the same thing. I just didn't see paying more for a service that can't send out good quality discs, plus not even send them in the order I asked for.

Believe me when I joined in '04 I never had this problem... they were great back then! It's like been the past year or so that it's been like this. Most of the discs are so scratched up when I receive them after a time they become unplayable that I have to clean them. I just didn't like to have to do that
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