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Re: "Rare" Star Trek: Encarta Bridge Set Stills

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That's a great looking bridge set man!

I'm pretty stoked to hear that you are thinking about making a new Star Trek film too. Honestly I feel like you should probably make an entirely new series rather than Encarta V. A fresh start, with none of the constraints of trying to fit it in with the rest of Encarta series, while at the same time getting to utilize all the stuff you learned while making those films.
That's where the battle's been in my head since the last one was made. In many ways the story line did wrap up with the Encarta crew re-uniting and setting course for normal space. The viewer can always imagine the rest...Though the story we started developing for "Redemption" was unique and telling a side of the Star Trek universe that's never been seen before. I liked the thought of continuing to tell the story of what Starfleet would do to Lynch, the crew, and the ship. The remainder of the crew likely has serious post traumatic stress issues, they watched over a hundred of their collegues perish, then their beloved Captain marooned them on a planet for about a year...In my opinion 2 of Voyagers best episodes were Year Of Hell and Equinox, both of which I believe really fell short. There was a lot of story potential that was not utilized and that was one of the reasons I decided to do what I did with 'Dark Hope'.
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