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So I cancelled Netflix today.

I saw on another forum that Netflix was raising their prices and decided to cancel their service. I was wondering... is Blockbuster's rental service any better?

I was a member of Netflix since 2004 but I decided to cancel today because I can't afford the $3 increase. I was on the 3-at-a-time plan because I had several people in my household wanting movies and I'm not going to pay more for the same service, without any additional things you could do. We barely used the "Watch Instantly" feature anyway, and I see that with Blockbuster's 3-at-a-time plan you can rent games as well, which I think would be worth the $19.99/month. Not sure though, because I think I need to find a better job since mine likes to act irradicately.

So has anyone here used Blockbuster? The last time I rented them was back in '03 or something before I joined Netflix, I stopped because they were starting to charge me late fees for movies I never turned in late, but I'm assuming their online service is different
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