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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

^ thanks, mate

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I can confirm that the decision to break up Julian and Ezri came directly as a mandate from editor Marco Palmieri, and was set up for quite some time before we ever got the writing assignment for WoDS9: Trill - Unjoined.

Whether either of us agreed with the decision or not is immaterial; I know that we tried to make it seem both necessary and heartbreaking, as with the break-up of most any relationship.

As to other comments in this thread, the fact that I didn't work on this Titan book was an immense personal frustration. As a co-creator of the Titan milieu (with Marco, Mike, and Christopher), I feel very close to this particular corner of the franchise.

I had hoped to do Titan comics for IDW, and as mentioned elsewhere, even pitched them WITH Tim Russ as a co-plotter/writer, but IDW passed on the project just before San Diego.

That's the world of working on licensed projects though; sometimes you get to birth the universe, sometimes you get thrown into another Quadrant...

Aye, yer of the hook, mate. My misconception was corrected a few posts pack. The anger has now been redirected at Mr Palimeri. Nonetheless, thats for the confirmation.

Oh, and I might have sounded a bit harsh. I really was pissed about it all, but in truth, I owe you guys bigtime. I wrote my first fanfic in order to fix what you guys messed up, and I've been hooked on writing ever since. And despite of everything, I liked the book. Its been my source on the Trill mind and society on a number of occasions.

So all in all, I wish you luck in future projects, mate.
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