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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Creed 2 is a very impressive game though it feels like seemed to have less assassinations than the first one.
DNA Sequence 13 had plenty. Yeah, overall 2 seemed to have fewer, but more build up to the assassinations you do perform. Or maybe I'm misremembering the first game. Watching some clips of the first game at the start of AC Brotherhood, I realize there's a heck of a lot of stuff storywise I can't remember at all. I still need to collect flags and some other stuff for achievements. I might have to play it through here soon.

Anyway, I finished 2 tonight. Overall, it's an excellent game. The ending wasn't quite as WTF worthy as I had heard, but then there are some hints throughout the game (like the Truth video sequences). This is one of those few games where I don't mind watching cutscenes because of how good the story is, and how enjoyable the characters are.

The DLC was mostly a disappointment. The Battle of Forli was fun, but way too short. Bonfire of the Vanities was mostly boring. Though, it did force me to get more creative with how I did the assassinations. I've been mostly lazy with those when playing the rest of AC2.

Neither chapter really added anything to the game that was extremely important. And the story for both was far less interesting than what was going on in the other chapters. Especially with Sequence 13 being so unrelated to the main story.

Now onto Brotherhood.
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