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Re: Buffy TVS to be (ugh) Rebooted

Christopher wrote: View Post
The Kuzuis were credited as executive producers on the TV series as well (both Buffy and Angel), so I think that means they do have the TV rights.
Right, I recall the credits, but I've never read anything specific that talked about them having the TV rights; the mentions of rights and the Kuzuis that I've seen over the past several years have always related specifically to movies. I suppose I could have inferred from that far more than I should have (and I can admit to wishful thinking too). But it's always seemed to me that what I've read says Joss himself has the tv rights, and the Kuzuis were credited because of the Buffy character herself being carried over.

24thcenstfan wrote: View Post
I just hope the reboot isn't as bad as the 1992 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" movie staring Kristy Swanson.
Which also means anyone who would be interested to see the film should hope Warner Bros. brings in a director who is not Fran Kuzui herself, since she and Donald Sutherland were primarily responsible for butchering Whedon's original script.

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
I wonder how "Twilight" they could go without stepping on what Whedon did in the series. Would they have to keep it pretty distinct to avoid being on the way to a lawsuit?
I'm fairly certain the only characters they could use would be Buffy herself, and the other movie characters (Merrick, Pike, etc.). If they tried to use a developing witch named Willow Rosenberg, for example, they'd be stepping into the tv rights that I believe Joss owns.
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