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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

I've said many times before that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is one of only a handful of other films that nearly made me leave the theater it was so bad. My major problem with the movie is that I think it suffered from so many cameos. I mean this was marketed and promoted as a solo Wolverine film but we got cameos from so many characters, including Charles Xavier himself!!! The story it's self was pretty average, the acting was bland, the special effects and action sequences were average even for an X-Men movie, the score was crap, I did enjoy the cinematography I'll give the movie props for that. It's pretty bad when your most entertaining and exciting sequence is Ryan Reynolds swinging around katana blades and making a few puns!!! The Team X raid is the best part of the film. I was majorly disappointed at the entire use of the Weapon X sequence after being teased brilliantly in "X2". Yeah this whole movie left a bad taste in my mouth. If there are fans who dug it...that's fantastic...but it was a pretty awful movie.

That all being said I'm really looking forward to "The Wolverine" and have high hopes for it. Dare I say that I might now be looking forward to this more than I am "X-Men: First Class"?
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