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Re: Buffy TVS to be (ugh) Rebooted

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What is the fucking point of this?
Making money by using a pre-existing property to cash in on a current craze.

The show hasn't even been off the air that long! What's next, canceling a TV series and then rebooting it the very next season?
This has nothing to do with the TV series. Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui produced the original 1992 movie (along with Sandollar Productions), and thus they own the rights to the Buffy character. They were credited as executive producers on the Buffy and Angel TV shows because of that ownership, but they had no involvement in the shows beyond getting paid for the character's use. And now the Kuzuis have optioned the rights to the character to a different set of filmmakers, people who had no connection with the TV shows.

Also, I think you misread the news release; this is a feature film reboot, not a new TV series.
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