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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

In your opinion. It was not a masterpiece, but somewhere close to X2 for me (in my opinion). I liked Logan's and Creed's interaction. The two brothers made the film for me.
And I liked the plot-twists. I have never seen it coming that Kayla was actually alive and well, and that everything was orchestrated by Stryker.
I liked the reference to the (chronologically) later films, and after watching the four films in chronological order, I cannot find big issues with continuity (okay... okay... Victor Creed not remembering his brother in X1... but then again, who told you Creed and Sabertooth are the same person? Just like the XOW 'Emma Frost' is not Emma Frost after all! ).

Maybe I can enjoy the films, because I do not know the comics nor the animated shows. I find the style of the films (excluding timetravel, aliens and alternate dimensions) much more credible.

No X film has disappointed me so far... and that's four films in a row. Not even STAR TREK was able to hold that line.
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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