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Re: Sarah Wayne Callies: Genre babe of the week #43 (Nov. 2010)

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1) How does one get a chance to be the person who chooses the next genre babe of the week?
I make all the regular selections, but it's actually quite structured. If someone gets a thread, it means she has a new movie out or her TV show is airing a new episode. Basically the thread will coincide with something she's doing.

December Madness, which you'll see what that is in about a week, is where the top 16 go head to head with one another to close out the year. People fill out brackets with their predictions (just like March Madness with NCAA basketball) and the winner gets to make three selections of his own next year.

2) Is the person who chooses responsible for finding and posting all the pictures for their choice?
I find the pictures.

3) How long has 'Genre Babe of the Week' been going on? (Months? Years?)
Since July 1, 2006.

4) Has Amy Acker ever been 'Genre Babe of the Week?
Spring of 2009.

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March Madness was a special one-off competition of a similar format, except it was 32 babes from all the previous years.
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