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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

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I do not know what people hate so much about X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE. It was a fun action movie, with a brilliant cast (especially Jackman and Schreiber), a good plot and it was more down to the Earth than the last X-Men films. I liked the gritty style of it, and all the action scenes were cool (especially the tower fight).

I never read the comics though, which could probably explain why I enjoyed all 4 X-films so far.

That being said I am looking forward to both FIRST CLASS and THE WOLVERINE. Aronofsky is a very talented director, who captures the essence of characters on screen. I trust that THE WOLVERINE will become the best and most demanding of the X-films.
Thank you for this input.

You are the otherside of the audience these films are also made for. The part of the audience that's never read an X-Men or Wolvie comic and is getting introducted to them via these films.
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