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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

sojourner wrote: View Post
I don't remember the sister dying that soon in the comics??? Still an excellent episode.
As MillenniumLance said, Amy died in issue #5 during a zombie attack on the camp, just like in this episode. Issue #6 was the end of the first arc, so it's reasonably close in proximity to where the characters' journey in the show probably is at this point.

Trek4Ever wrote: View Post
I haven't read the comic in years so I forgot how faithful the show is to the first few issues. I don't remember Rick and company going back to Atlanta. Can anyone with a fresher memory compare notes?
Rick and Glenn went into Atlanta in issue #4 in order to locate a gun store. It was for that situation Rick came up with the zombie disguise idea.

Cutter John wrote: View Post
[...] I refuse to read the comic. I don't want to get into a cycle if "Hey, thats not how they did it in the comic/tv show!").
That's unfortunate, because you're depriving yourself of some excellent writing and great artwork. For my part, I'm not bothered at all when the show diverges from the comic. In fact, I'm enjoying seeing the way the show is using the comic as a roadmap and taking detours to add interesting material to flesh out the story even more. The situation with the Vatos gang, for example, was entirely for the show, yet it fits perfectly. So far, everyone involved has hit that perfect line of having the same "spirit" as the comic yet being a sensible, rather than slavish, adaptation.
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