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I once got ambushed but FIVE creepers, two zombies, a skeleton AND a spider. No exaggeration, there were loads of the buggers and it cost me the five diamonds and 20 iron I was carrying since I couldn't find my way back from the spawn in time. Been paranoid about lighting my way ever since.
Were you near your spawn at the time? Because there's an anomaly with the monster spawning mechanic where they're more likely to spawn on chunk 0,0 which is the chunk that you spawn on. I had a similar experience when I was exploring a cave but was continually ambushed and was unable to light it up before a new monster would attack. When I checked later on, that section was in chunk 0,0.

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Oh I know such a self-directed game with much better graphics than that.
Don't let the graphics fool you, this game isn't a basic 8-bit game, it is resource intensive. It frequently uses between 1-1.5GB of RAM when running, and it frequently suffers framerate issues when exploring new chunks. Making the graphics look better would just make an already resource hungry game even worse and it would have even greater difficulty running on older PCs. Presumably, it will be optimised in beta so as not to be quite as resource-hungry as it is now, but by that time changing the graphics would be a mistake as they have come to be part of its charm. A more detailed creeper skin wouldn't be able to express the same sense of threatening sadness that the current skin does.

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I make it a point nowadays to always carry a crafting box and some wood with me when mining. That way I can always make more tools should I need them.
Wherever I go, I always bring a crafting box, 64 sticks, 64 planks, and at least 32 logs. That's probably overkill, but it makes me feel safe.
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