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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.


So, cooking with Neelix? Spare me for the love of christ.

This is such an underwhelming ending to the Michael Jonas arc. It's such a shame they threw away this plot line so casually. In fact, my memory was telling me that this all didn't get wrapped up until "Basics" so I was actually surprised and quite disappointed to see it happen so early.

Keeping Chakotay in the dark was such a dick move by Janeway and Tuvok and shows at best, they have no faith in him as a Commander and at worst, treat like the butt of some running joke. Now this would be alright if this led somewhere (Chakotay taking charge of a mutiny, Janeway demoting him as she didn't trust him) but no, it goes no where at all and we're left with an almost comical scene of Chakotay ONCE AGAIN BEING LEFT IN THE DARK. It's surprising he didn't just bail from Voyager and go off with Seska. The drama of the episode maintains a steady pace, but unfortunately Neelix being at the centre of it all is disappointing and underwhelming - which pretty much sums up this episode.

There's also a horrible logic error/oversight with Neelix being able to trivially enter someone's quarters using an engineering access code. Up until this time, I always believed Starfleet security was both through code and voice recognition, meaning the person needed to sound accurate, as well as provide the correct code. Neelix proves that all you need is a goddamn password that you just happen to say with your mouth. I refuse to believe Starfleet is this stupid so this goes down as a dumb oversight for me.
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