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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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^ The DS9 narrative was heavily serialized, and much of it was planned by editor Marco Palmieri. The interviews in Voyages Of The Imagination talk about how, for instance, in the Mission: Gamma books, they planned the Gamma story but the Alpha story was already planned for them, and there were certain beats they had to hit.
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It is my understanding that the editors do their part when at least a rough draft is finished.
Not in the case of Trek fiction. The editor is involved from the start of the process, either selecting writers to do projects the editor has in mind or considering pitches from writers and deciding whether or not to approve them. The editor may then suggest revisions to the outline before the manuscript is written.

And as stated above, in the case of an ongoing series like the DS9 novels, the editor's role is somewhat like that of a TV showrunner, shaping the overall flow of the storyline and guiding and coordinating the work of the various individual authors. And yes, that does mean that authors are often given certain key story points they have to include, though it's up to them to figure out how to do it.
Hmm, i was not aware of that, guys. In that case i'll have to redirect my anger towards the editor. (either way, whomever decided it, i owe that chap bigtime.)

all my personal feelings aside, it was a real shitty decision. from a purely storytelling perspective at least. if i would break up a couple i would have at a bare minimum created fallout. but here, nothing... they didnt even interact afterwards. its like they weren't even on the same station. which makes the entire thing unnecessary and utterly stupid.

that again, thats just my 2 cents...

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ares93, can you crop your image down to at most 640px width as a courtesy to those who has low resolution screens or small window sizes, please? Please see the FAQ on the guidelines for posting images.

Done. I dont know why i didnt do that. Sorry, mate. I was on a netbook at the time, should have noticed. anyway, its done now.
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