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Re: Venture Brothers

Finale just finished. Good showing. This is very likely the dirtiest episode in four seasons of what has been a perennially dirty show. I liked it. Possibly the funniest episode this season, rivaled only by "Every Which Way But Zeus."

But not perfect. In fact, there are some things that really stick in the craw, most of it occurring at the very tail end, after the climax with

One bit is pretty awful, morally, and is probably the worst thing Dr. Venture has ever done, including using an orphan corpse to power a machine, and Brock's reaction to the situation is pretty reprehensible too. Thing is, I'm sure they meant for the orphan thing to be terrible, but I'm not certain this was intentional.

Secondly, I think Publick and Hammer may hate Dean as much as I do.

Finally, I expected more to 21's resolution, more of a showdown, but the way it was handled was maybe... fitting? I dunno, I'll have to think about it.

But, all that said, it was a pretty fine episode, all told.

Well, later, I've got to go give someone a Rusty Venture.

Edit: Also I'm sort of hoping

Edit 2:

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