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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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as...a male...
I am obligated to point out how..girlly both of them where. That said....they were good...not truly my taste but the video work was especially good in the second.


My secret is out.

Now you understand why I'm drawn to "chick flicks" and "girly" vids. Of course my neighbor likes to point out that what we "girls" consider chick flicks (Star Trek: The Movie", "Red") are not what most people would characterize as such.




Well, now some "7" for the fellas...

I'm a blonde

Crazy chick

Love Blonde..

Okay.... now here's some blood and guts for the "boys" ....

This scene ....

could still have led to this alternative ending...

But it smacks too much of the "error" of Enterprise's series finale. Cross fertilization is okay, but the finale belongs to the people on the journey.

(Sneaking something in for froots next sake night. )
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