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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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That's exactly what it is. In 2005, the FBI under the directions of Bush regime ....
Not to step in the way of your raging wrath, but Bush and co's vast overstatement of a problem for clearly political means doesn't mean such a problem doesn't exist.
Conceding Bush vastly overstated the problem means it's necessary to make a valid argument, citing evidence. There is no presumption that statements by authority figures have to be given some credence, despite the evidence, just because. That kind of servility to authority is reprehensible. Confusing a foolish insult with an argument is just sad.

The Nolan-verse Gotham is an Augean stables of corruption and filth. But it's mainly off screen, asserted. But the Nolan-verse's Bat-cure is Batman nobly sacrificing himself as a symbolic scapegoat. The series is so thematically absurd that there's no rational continuation. But news media spectacles and the follies of celebrity probably seem like they're somehow relevant to crime and civic corruption to these people, so any females are likely to be TV reporters or whatever. Or possibly the ultimate evil, movie reviewers. Any suitably young and physically attractive female would serve. A pulse, not a personality, will be the desideratum.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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