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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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For a moment there I thought you meant "Star Trek couple" as in the Martin/Mangels writer duo.
Nah, not that duo. Those two, I'm still pissed at. But as ye say, "deal with it". And so, that is what I'm doing. I meant Ezri and Julian btw.

On second thought though. I they hadn't completely obliterated their relationship, Star Trek: A humuból szuletünk (Star trek: From ashes we are born) and Starship Kir'Shara probably never would have existed. So I guess I owe those two big time.

Btw: The next story on my deadline list is a Kir'Shara story for the november challenge, (if i finish on time, that is.) named "House call". It wont really pave the way for the other stories, its sort of a vignette. Specifially, the first officer, the CMO and the captain.
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