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Re: The Big Bang Theory

Nick The Munificent wrote: View Post
I don't understand how Sheldon is annoying. He is like a walking, talking solution to every problem imaginable.

Want to start a business? He'll get one going for you.

Want to fall in love? He'll play the beta male role for you.

I swear to god people look at the guy through the wrong set of glasses.
Agreed! I would continue:

Need your apartment clean? Well, he'll use your spare key and clean while you're alseep

Need a loan? He'll lend you money and not expect it back sooner than you can pay it.

Hurt yourself? He'll help you get dressed, drive you to the hospital even though he can't drive, and tuck you in with a round of "Soft Kitty".

Friend and roomate humiliated by big, ex-boyfriend of girl next door brute? There will always be a 'there there' and some tea waiting for you.

New roomate sleeps with North Korean spy? He won't rat out to Homeland security.

New roomate and friends try to formulate to make rocket fuel for small rocket? He'll check the math, know it's wrong, then save your life and not tell on new roomate.

Wrong another friend by accidently stating a truth of that friend's actions RE: The Mars Rover, and feel guilty? He'll try to make it right, and offer his most special thing to make it right.

I could go on and on but I think the point is made.

And, I might add, they haven't been exactly kind to him. They wrecked his NSF funded experiment in the Arctic, an experiment that they accepted his offer to go, which they didn't have to, but they wanted to share in his glory. The only reason Leonard went after him in Texas? To get laid.

So ya, he's annoying with the rules, schedules, and routines. But he's just a softie underneath, and wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally.

So there.



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