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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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There's no number in the center of the circle, just to mess with people's heads and make them think they are colorblind when they stare at it. It's the same principle behind the eye chart with the funky letters.
I assumed it was the one that you only see a number if you are red/green colour blind. They usually throw that one in to tests so if you're not colour blind, there's usually one where the 'correct' answer is 'no number'.
Never seen one of those. Is there anyone on the BBS who is colour-blind that can confirm for us?
It may not be part of the official test, to be fair I've only ever done one for the police entry exam, and I think they may put that one in to throw off people just guessing at numbers (or who have memorised the plates, which is apparently possible if you're really keen to fool one of these things)
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