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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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Oh, man! Saratt was a painter!
Do you remember what Tekeny Ghemor told Kira when she had said that his daughter was talented? About artists?

First I thought about making Saratt and artist and then I recalled those words.

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As for Brenok and Av'Roo...I enjoyed that scene! And good on Brenok for being able to be understanding of the fact that a) Av'Roo does not know the significance of neck ridges and that b) without using her eyes, she had no way to feel what she was doing.
He accepted her explanation and he was too busy to dwell on it too much. And I think he kind of enjoyed the new sensation that feathers offered. It would be better if she touched him somewhere else, say, a hand to experience the touch of feathers, but part of his understanding reaction was that he found it interesting.
But I'm sure it felt awkward for him to be touched there by almost a total stranger.

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That incident with Brenok and th'Arshar,'s a good thing that didn't become a fight!
Th'Arshar seems to sometimes speak before thinking. And he is trying, but his dislike for the Cardassians is still in him.
Archer: "You're going to drown my dog?! "
Phlox: "Only for an hour, Captain... "
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