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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Oh, man! Saratt was a painter! if I weren't already "attached" to him, I am even more now. Painting is a type of art I have never been able to learn how to do, even though I've tried. I would have wanted...and would still be his friend.

I really hope that if there was a goal for him, if he could be woken up--a reasonable and realistic goal, one that would give him more than he had before, even though not everything--that he would see the pain of rehabilitation differently from the purposeless pain of what was done to him. I think that for him, even without walking or running, if they could at least get him to where he was strong enough to sit up in a motorized wheelchair, and to where he could talk (which I think would be the biggest improvement, even more important than having some sort of mobility), that would be immense freedom for him, simply to be able to decide where he wants to be in any given moment, and to go be there. I suspect that to him, whether he used a wheelchair to get there or not, it would feel liberating.

Again...I find myself wishing I could send the gul and doctor of the Sherouk to help out. Taret's great, but I think he wouldn't be so full of himself that he wouldn't welcome the idea of another doctor--and a specialist in a critical area, at that. As for Berat...well, I think that support in rehabilitation (IF that happens, and I still feel like I need to prepare myself for the worst) would be what he could offer. In his case he ended up getting back what you would call "gross motor skills," but losing a lot of the "fine motor skills." But he definitely remembers the process and the pain and frustration that went with it. (You can see it in "Flash," where he's trying to walk, with help, for the first time but the nerves and muscles in his legs wouldn't act right.) IF they're able to save Saratt, I hope that someone who has been through a long recovery (and I would say in this case, preferably a recovery that did not restore all function) could be paired with him as a partner. Someone who could relate to more experiences than the average person--obviously not all of it, but at least enough for them to be on some kind of similar wavelength.

To me, anyway, life would be worth living if he had kindness, counseling, reduced pain, the ability to speak, and hopefully some increased freedom of mobility--regardless of whether that comes from being able to move more "under his own power," or by completely benign technological assistance. But I actually think the biggest of those, by far, is to be surrounded by good and kind people...aides and friends both. To be loved and realistically encouraged. (By realistically, I mean that you have to have a good idea of what you can and can't expect--a goal you have to "stretch" for but, with work, can be accomplished and would feel fulfilling.)

As for Brenok and Av'Roo...I enjoyed that scene! And good on Brenok for being able to be understanding of the fact that a) Av'Roo does not know the significance of neck ridges and that b) without using her eyes, she had no way to feel what she was doing.

That incident with Brenok and th'Arshar,'s a good thing that didn't become a fight!
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