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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Trying to get the willpower to complete Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, which may well be the worst 360 game I've got, and praying that the one pristine controller I've got will survive the experience, after I hurl it violently at the wall in a screaming rage (even though this is supposed to be how I relax!) every ten minutes because 1) the game is so buggy and glitched that it tends to spawn enemies in a room just *after* I've entered, so I get shot by an enemy that isn't spawned yet, and 2) the checkpointing is fucking diabolical, sending me back at least ten or fifteen minutes' worth of sub-PS2/GC animation and textures every fucking time that happens.

And it doesn't help that basically it's a knock-off of the vastly underrated squad-based shooter Freedom Fighters, but with graphics that have stepped *backwards* instead of up a generation. Seriously, this fucking turd wouldn't look out of place on the N64.
Yeah i bought this for the PS3, loaded up the first level and thought they had sold me a PS2 game which was running via backward compatibility, i did not get past the first level plus add to that codemaster lack of trophy support in their PS3 games and its been sitting on the shelf every that you have reminded me i will dig it out with a few more and trade it in.

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