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Re: Superman: Casting Call!

I'm not saying he has to be a bodybuilder. Look at George Reeves, I just think the guy should be bulky. Football player build not male model skinny.

And if they can put Arnold's young face on that other guy's body in Terminator Salvation I'm pretty sure they could bulk a guy up if they had to.

People have their preferences, this is mine, that's all. John Hamm was on a talk show and when the host mentioned that some people on the net want him for the role he joked that nobody wants a middle aged superman. I do. Supes needs to be the Zues. The rock of the dc universe. The father figure. We've had story after story after story about his origin and time in smallville (the last TEN years!), etc.

Let's try a new direction. Make him an old bad ass with a heart of gold.
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