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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

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The design JJ Abrams brought to the big screen was just aesthetically displeasing (I'm being nice here). It took a design that was suppose to be utilitarian and tried to put an artsy spin on it... and it didn't work.

Got to be honest, the design and modeling above are light years ahead of the Abramsverse version.
JJAbrams 1701 design(along with the engineering brewery set) is his passive-agressive way of giving the old fans the finger.
No, only the annal retentive ones who are convinced Star Trek is a religon.
I don't mind changes in Star Trek from 1966 to the present. I just was disappointed by these two things in the JJ movie, not the story and not the actors. Just two items in the production design(the 1701 exterior design and the engineering brewery). That is all.

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