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Re: Superman: Casting Call!

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@Chess Piece Face you just contradicted yourself in your post. A Superman who looks like Alex Ross painted him? Christopher Reeve. Ross has always based his Superman on Reeve. Why do we need a bulked up Superman for?
Ross based his Supes on CR? I find that hard to believe. He doesn't look anything like him and I read that Alex Ross uses the same models for each character each time. Like, he has a guy for Batman, a guy for Superman, etc.

The pics of supes on this page sure don't look like any pic of Christopher Reeve I've ever seen.

OK - 2 seconds of googling and I found the page with the name of the model for Alex Ross's Supes, Frank Casey. You decide for yourself (I think it's quite obviously not based on CR)

Why do we need a bulked up Superman? Why do we need a twink? It's just my preference, my opinion. I think each generation deserves their own version of these icons and to give us yet another Reeves/Routh-esque person, even superficially based on looks, is a mistake.

A mistake they recently made in Superman Returns which I hope they don't repeat. We need something all new.

You don't have to start young because you are shooting for 2 sequels. So what if supes is 35, 42 and 45? Big deal! And of course wires can hold a beefed up type, that's just a silly point.

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