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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Trying to get the willpower to complete Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, which may well be the worst 360 game I've got, and praying that the one pristine controller I've got will survive the experience, after I hurl it violently at the wall in a screaming rage (even though this is supposed to be how I relax!) every ten minutes because 1) the game is so buggy and glitched that it tends to spawn enemies in a room just *after* I've entered, so I get shot by an enemy that isn't spawned yet, and 2) the checkpointing is fucking diabolical, sending me back at least ten or fifteen minutes' worth of sub-PS2/GC animation and textures every fucking time that happens.

And it doesn't help that basically it's a knock-off of the vastly underrated squad-based shooter Freedom Fighters, but with graphics that have stepped *backwards* instead of up a generation. Seriously, this fucking turd wouldn't look out of place on the N64.
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