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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

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If we'd gotten a good reboot out of ST09 and a truly fresh take this design is light years ahead of JJ's Fuglyprise.
Are you serious?

And let me reiterate, I love this ship and especially what LordSarvain has done with it, but I don't see that it could be the same ship as TOS-1701.
No amount of treknobabble would have made me believe this was anything other than a brand new ship (unless that was their plan, I never read the POTT script or the novel)

I mean, we got major hate for the JJprise even though it was an alternate universe ship. If there was an internet in 1979 and this concept showed up on screen,
even as beautiful as it is here, it would have been one huge WTF-fest.
Hello??? We're talking about a clean and honest reboot with zero ties to previous continuity. In that light you could make the ship look like anything you want.
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