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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

Yeah. I remember a lot of complaining when Ken Watanabe was cast. I was kind of surprised he took the part, because it was so small, but it ended up working out well for him: Batman Begins was a hit, and his status was boosted (more people knew about him) and Nolan eventually ended up working with him again in a much larger part for Inception.

It's actually kind of funny, because Nolan re-hired two of the villains of Begins, decoy Ra's (Watanabe) and the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy), and in Begins they didn't have any scenes together, but they did in Inception. Plus, Tom Hardy is playing a villain in The Dark Knight Rises -- Nolan definitely has a penchant for re-using actors in his movies, especially those that play the villain.
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