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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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This one's quite new. And fantastic!!!:

Usually I'm an angst hound, but this J/C video was so cute and well-made I couldn't help but like it. And that's saying something - I usually can't sit through cute, sweet 'ship videos:

So, unrelated, but apparently my hubby and I have both been covertly checking out Janeway's boobs during our DVD watch-through. He admitted it tonight after we finished Resistance... and then I realized I was just as guilty.

Love both vids... although I feel left out regarding the breast reviews. Too busy looking at chak, i suppose.

as...a male...
I am obligated to point out how..girlly both of them where. That said....they were good...not truly my taste but the video work was especially good in the second.
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