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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Then why don't you tell us what sci-fi is and isn't?
Science Fiction is when a story explores the effects of science or extrapolated science (or applied science, i.e. technology) on people or society. Informally, "sci fi" can refer to anything with the trappings of Science Fiction, such Space Opera or Steampunk.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
Once again, the point goes zooming right over your head. The amount of watchable genre shows - or any shows - on TV is so miniscule that I'll gladly watch a sci fi show that you can call fantasy or horror or a rutabaga. Quibbles about terminology may be briefly amusing but in the end, of no importance at all.
I guess I am missing the point. Are you saying you watch Walking Dead because there's nothing else on that you like? Or that TV is so bad that it makes you lose your grasp of English? I don't see how using accurate terminology is quibbling-- if you like something, why be afraid to call it what it is?

Right, so I guess you are telepathic then. You don't have a flippin' clue how many viewers categorize the show in this or that way, or any way. What a load of unadulterated baloney!
No, I'm not telepathic and it's not baloney. I just have a basic grasp of how people think. We're not talking about rocket science here-- or even rocket science fiction.

The mundanes = the vast majority of viewers. So most viewers do think of a zombie show as "sci fi." You just invalidated your own argument!
Hardly, unless you think that voting is involved somehow. If most people think that Humans and Dinosaurs co-existed (probably because they've seen that old "Science Fiction" show The Flintstones ), they're still wrong.

Not according to TV Guide, and TV Guide knows all!
TV Guide is hilarious. They did a special magazine about Star Trek a few years ago, and their descriptions in the episode guide cracked me up. Their view of "Requiem For Methuselah" was something along the lines of, "The costumes were nice, but they should have ditched the sub-plot about the android."
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