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Re: November Challenge--"Serenity Prayer", A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

Enterprise1981 wrote: View Post
Agreed. I have my own, what you might call, addendums to episodes and novels and even to my own stories. I have to remind myself to just tell the story and not worry about what might get cut out in order to condense it down to a 45 minute episode. On the other hand, I don't want to get too caught up in unimportant story elements.
Absolutely. Thanks, mate.

TiberiusMaximus wrote: View Post
That was a very enjoyable read. I really like the way you characterize Simon, he's an awesome guy. And you write the friendship between him and Ezri very well, it seems natural, almost sibling but quite professional. Keep it up!

Yep--Simon certainly has come so far from "The Drumhead" (TNG).

Yes, I really enjoyed writing his friendship with Ezri. Ezri-Sam, as Mack and KRAD write it, is pretty cool, but I loved the idea having a Kirk/McCoy kind of "deep" friendship, resembling family.

Ezri-and-Sam is more of a "buddy" kind of friendship, while Ezri-and-Simon I felt should be a bit closer than that. I feel that Sam, the tough "straight-man", couldn't really provide the comfort and support that Simon--himself a tortured soul--could.

And, as I said, the story behind this friendship is in a previous tale of mine. I gave some hints of it in this one, but I strongly recommend "The Cleanest Food To Find" for anyone wanting to understand their friendship more.
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